WeTeach_CS Summit

June 18-20

The WeTeach_CS Summit is a 3-day event which educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, advocates, administrators, professional development providers, university instructors, and policy-makers to advance the goal of CS for All in Texas and beyond. Learn more!

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Sixty percent of all STEM jobs require or involve computing, yet only three percent of Texas High School graduates have taken a computer science course. This is due to limited offerings and a lack of qualified teachers. There are 1.4 million Texas public school students who need YOU to teach Computer Science.

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Getting certified in CS is the first step. Improving the quality and diversity of CS courses is an ongoing effort. Find tools, curricula, professional development and other resources to help along the way!

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Being a Computer Science educator requires continuous learning to keep up with changing technologies and pedagogy. WeTeach_CS helps connect educators with CS Professional Development opportunities to deepen skills, encourage innovation, and build relationships with other educators.

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Texas Schools play role in Apple’s push to make coding accessible to students with disabilities

Recently, Apple announced that the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Texas School for the Deaf, both located in Austin, were among an initial group of leading educational institutions across the country to bring Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum to their students using a powerful set of accessibility features. We’re proud to have Texas so well represented in this initiative and thrilled for the opportunity it will bring to students with visual and hearing disabilities.

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With summer just around the corner, make sure you’re connected with WeTeach_CS when you leave the classroom. We have a full calendar of events planned for this summer and you’re not going to want to miss on these CS professional development opportunities. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and events, be sure to subscribe to the WeTeach_CS blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Level up your CS classes with Game Design at the WeTeach_CS Deep Dives

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the 42% of adults who play video games at least 3 hours per week are contributing to a $36 Billion industry in the United States alone, with worldwide revenues over $100 billion. This makes makes a future career in the video gaming industry very attractive to students from all backgrounds and interests. 


  • WeTeach_CS provided 3,368 contact hours of training to over 1,000 Texas educators representing 640 schools and 283 public, private, and charter school districts.
  • Funded 29 WeTeach_CS Collaboratives across the state.
  • From 2015 - 2017, WeTeach_CS supported over 400 in-service teachers to complete CS certification in Texas.
  • 10 organizations, including TEA, Google, 100Kin10, IBM, Facebook, Dell, Intel, Brocade, Oracle Academy, and Microsoft invested in WeTeach_CS.

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