Measurable Outcomes

WeTeach_CS is a program of The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for STEM Education, a research, teaching, and service unit located in the College of Education. WeTeach_CS provides intensive and sustained K-12 professional development (PD) for Texas Computer Science teachers. We are especially focused on increasing the number of certified CS teachers in Texas, in support of the nation’s CS for All initiative. Our work focuses on these measurable outcomes:

WTCS Outcomes


Our programs each work towards the measurable outcomes. Program Descriptions follow.



CS Collaboratives

The WeTeach_CS Collaboratives are comprised of 29 projects across the state of Texas that include institutions of higher education, educational service centers (ESCs), local education agencies, and nonprofit entities.

CS Teacher Community

WeTeach_CS brings teachers, administrators and universities together to learn from each other and impact each other’s work. The WeTeach_CS Blog, PD event calendar and workflows for potential CS teachers in elementary, middle and high school, simplify processes and encourage actions that will bring more CS to Texas K-12 schools.

CS Teacher Certification Prep

WeTeach_CS supports Texas teachers pursuing a CS 8-12 Certification in the following ways:

CS Certification Incentive Program

The Certification Incentive Program (CIP) provides teachers with a $1000 stipend for passing TEA’s certification test and obtaining the TEA 8-12 Computer Science certification. Find directions for registering for the certification test and applying for CIP.

CS Professional Development (PD) Execution and Reimbursements

WeTeach_CS partners with PD developers to increase high-quality and accessible Texas PD offerings. WeTeach_CS connects PD opportunities with teachers in its network. WeTeach_CS also reimburses teachers for registration, travel and/or accommodations for selected CS PD partner activities. Current PD partners include:

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