The Computer Science Department at Texas State University is seeking applications from STEM teachers who have a computer science background to participate in REUIOT Site: Multidisciplinary Research Experiences for Undergraduate in Internet of Things this summer. The teacher will work on a project related to Internet of Things (IoT), in particular, the research and development of a framework for rapid composition of IoT applications that collect large-scale sensor data and employ effective data analytics on the collected data. The teacher will develop classroom modules from the research project and will implement those modules in the academic year with support from REUIOT Site project team. The program will begin on June 13 and finish on July 30.


  • Teacher will be paid $1000 a week stipend for seven weeks (June 13 to July 30).
  • Up $1,000 for equipment and supplies will be available for the teacher to implement the modules developed in the summer in his/her classroom during the school year.
  • Teacher will be compensated up to $500 stipend during the school year for additional time incurred to implement the modules at school.
  • Up to $1500 is available for the teacher to travel to conferences to share or present result of his/her summer research experiences.

Email Dr. Anne Ngu ( if you are interested.

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