The 2017-18 school year is underway and what makes this year so exciting for the WeTeach_CS team is knowing that there so many teachers with brand new CS certifications stepping up to promote CS for All in classrooms across Texas. This also means that there are probably a lot of teachers out there who have questions or need advice about teaching CS, starting an after school program, or coaching their UIL team to the top. That’s where Ask John comes in!

About Ask John

As our resident CS Professional Development Specialist always emphasizes in his classes, courses, and workshops, there is no such thing as a silly question, except for the one you do not ask. John Owen has taught high school Computer Science very successfully for many years, and has a team of CS colleagues who are ready and willing to lend their expertise, experience, and wisdom to help you become a better computer science teacher. This blog is for you! Ask your questions, and he will do his best to give you sound advice that will get you back on track with whatever issues you encounter, and for which you seek answers.

We’ll even give you a prize along with your answer

WeTeach_CS batteryIf your question gets answered here in our Ask John column this fall, we’ll send you a WeTeach_CS branded backup battery for when your phone needs a little boost at the end of the day.

Send your questions to and be sure to include Ask John in the subject line.

When you email Ask John, you must include include: Your Name, School, District, Grade, and Subject you’re teaching along with your question.

We’ll let you know if your question gets picked and when it will be published online!


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