This summer, WeTeach_CS is bringing Bootstrap back to Texas—don’t miss out!

Bootstrap provides an excellent introduction to computer science concepts, especially for students who are underrepresented in the CS classroom, and also gives math teachers a new way to connect students with algebraic thinking. Always a popular offering, WeTeach_CS will host two 3-day workshops this summer. Sellouts of Bootstrap workshops are not uncommon, so make your plans to attend and register today!


Deadline Approaching!

If you want to make Bootstrap part of your summer plans, you need to act now! Registration for the Bootstrap workshop in San Antonio (June 11-13) will close on Monday, June 4. Register today for the San Antonio workshop.


Bootstrap Schedule for Summer 2018

See below for descriptions of workshop and follow-up events.


Bootstrap 3-Day Workshop

Teach Your Students to Program, Mathematically

Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key math concepts. Middle- and high-school teachers around the country have implemented the curriculum as a one-month module, a weekly activity or an after school program.

In Bootstrap, Your Students Will Practice and Apply

  • Solving word problems
  • Coordinate planes and Graphing
  • Functions and Variables
  • Function Composition
  • Inequalities in the Plane
  • The Pythagorean Theorem

In this Workshop, You Will

  • Participate in a real classroom demonstration of the curriculum
  • Build your own video game, using the math you already know
  • Learn how TEKS Math Standards can be met through a STEM-focused programming curriculum
  • Explore cutting-edge research on algebra education


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