Carol Fletcher, Deputy Director of the Center for STEM Education, will deliver the keynote address during the opening session of the ISTE Computing Teachers Network – CS Firehose 2017 on Saturday, June 24th during the ISTE 2017 conference being held in San Antonio, TX.

The need for CS educational programs is dire with critical worker shortages throughout the field.  Yet, at state and local levels, there is a severe shortage of qualified professional educators to teach computer science and cultivate young minds to think computationally.  The goal of the CTN is to help teachers at every level to discover what is available and to provide the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of approaches and curricula.  So, plan to join us as we open the valves and turn on the CS FIREHOSE!

The CS Firehose is scheduled from noon through 6:00 PM with sessions which will address the many interrelated educational initiatives, ideas, and curricula which focus on computational thinking and computer science.  Three concurrent strands throughout the afternoon are planned … each strand consisting of related presentations or activities provided by quality professional development leaders including those from Microsoft (ISTE Mission Sponsor), CS4TX, WeTeach_CS, CyberTexas Foundation, NCWIT, TEALS, TCEA, and more.  And a very special keynote from a true champion of computer science education is scheduled.  Attendance is FREE with registration on-site or via the ISTE conference website:

Leveling Up in Texas CS Education

Dr. Carol Fletcher, Center for STEM Education-WeTeach_CS, The University of Texas at Austin

Computing job are the #1 source of new wages in the U.S. but only 3% of Texas high school graduates take a CS course. How can Texas educators open doors to the creative, in-demand jobs of the Innovation Economy for every Texas student, regardless of gender, ethnicity or zip code? WeTeach_CS is a Texas Education Agency funded project at UT Austin that provides professional development to teachers and districts that want to develop and grow a K-12 computer science pathway. Learn how teachers can obtain high school CS certification, learn coding, programming and computational thinking, and earn a $1,000 stipend through online and in-person PD. Free, research-based resources for teaching CS and diversifying student enrollment in CS courses will also be shared.

Complete CS Firehose Schedule

ISTE CS Firehose Schedule

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