Updated December 15, 2016

WeTeach_CS has extended the Certification Incentive Program (CIP) through August 2017.

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Big News!

The Certification Incentive Program (CIP) has played an important role in our ongoing efforts to increase the number of CS certified teachers in Texas and this week we received some big news. Additional funding for the Certificate Incentive Program (CIP) has been secured through the February 2017 testing window! This means current Texas teachers planning to take the TExES CS 8-12 Certification Test in December 2016 or February 2017 may have the opportunity to receive for a $1000 stipend upon obtaining their CS certification.


CIP eligible testing windows for 2016-17

  • October (10/12/16-10/15/16) – Application deadline is October 3rd!
  • December (12/7/16-12/10/16)
  • February (2/1/17-2/4/17)

For complete information about deadlines and requirements, please read and follow all steps of the CIP Checklist. Texas teachers must meet eligibility requirements and be accepted to the program prior to testing to qualify for the $1,000 stipend.

More Information on Certification

For more information about CS certification, visit the WeTeach_CS Get Certified page.

Certification Prep

Interested in taking a certification prep course before taking the test? Check out the WeTeach_CS Certification Prep Face-to-Face workshop being held in Austin on November 3-4th.

Read everything and still have CS certification questions? Email us at weteachcs@austin.utexas.edu for help.


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