WeTeach_CS Certification Prep Course Face-To-Face


The CS 8-12 Test Made Easier, Face-To-Face!

WeTeach_CS’s Face-To-Face Certification Prep Course is designed to provide information and practice for topics covered by TEA’s CS 8-12 course. The course is recommended for currently certified, in-service teachers who want to become CS certified via the TEA’s Additional Certification By Exam method. It is also recommended that the teacher is familiar with technology application concepts and has some experience with a non-block programming language like Java or Python. Some teachers also take the similar CS 8-12 Certification online course. The face-to-face course has an instructor present to answer questions and tailor the material. The online course provides interactive exercises, practice questions and assessments.

Course Overview

The 8-12 CS Certification Prep Face-to-Face course is an intensive two-day course designed to provide an overview of the educator competencies required of all teachers to become certified in Grades 8-12 Computer Science. It covers the following domains:

  • Domain I – Technology Applications Core – Understand how to use applications, data, networks and the Internet to complete simple tasks and large projects.
  • Domain II – Program Design and Development – Understand how to design and plan coding efforts.
  • Domain III – Programming Language Topics – Write code using data, data types, arrays, loops, control structures and data structures.

Course Dates and Registration

The course is generally held once in the fall, spring and summer. Refer to the Events page for upcoming courses.



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