Teachers, there’s still time to get your students involved in the 2017 Congressional App Challenge, which will run until November 1, 2017. Students who live in one of the 18 participating districts in Texas may enter as individuals or in teams of up to four. And if your home district isn’t represented—ask them to join!



The 2017 Congressional App Challenge is open for submissions from students in 204+ congressional districts across the country. Students can create and submit their own original apps for mobile phone, tablet, or computer platforms. Apps will be judged by a panel of local community leaders engaged in STEM fields. Winners run the chance of being invited to  Washington, DC, and having their apps featured on a display in the U.S. Capitol building.


There are currently 204+ Members of Congress from 45 states signed up to participate in this year’s Challenge. To see if students from your area are eligible to participate, click here.


More information and submission guidelines are available at http://www.CongressionalAppChallenge.us/.

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Participating Texas Congressional Districts


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