Students with interest and experience with 3D printing and design should look into this exciting intership opportunity with Enable Community Foundation. Applications are due March 31, 2017.

About ECF

The Enable Community Foundation (ECF) addresses the needs of people with upper limb (UL) loss or differences worldwide. We have forward leaning product specifications for affordable prosthetics and are building tools including LimbForge (TM) to deliver prosthetic rehabilitation services for people with UL amputations. ECF solutions are grounded in case studies and designed to help clinicians and NGOs working with at risk communities in high need regions become sustainable. ECF’s strategy is to provide equipment, training and capacity building as well as web accessible open design for using 3D technologies to address the global shortage of UL prosthetic rehabilitative care particularly in the developing world.

About the Project

ECF is looking for a Device Design intern who will work on Limbforge(TM), our tool for the rapid sizing and customization of 3D printable assistive devices and prosthetics. LimbForge(TM) users can configure detailed parametric models by inputting specific measurements to produce consistent, high quality, well-fitting devices. Limbforge(TM) is under active development and offers an ever expanding number of options for limb differences. The Device Design intern will work under the supervision of ECF Limbforge(TM) staff on several projects.
The intern will interact and collaborate with researchers and interns at partner organizations such as 3d Life Prints and at partner research institutions such as Rice, RIT, CMU, Seattle Pacific University, and Texas A&M.

More information / Application

Downloadable Flyer (PDF)

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