WeTeach_CS Deep Dives is a special CS professional development event designed to offer participants a deeper dive into a subject than is possible during a typical conference breakout session. But, because these are special short courses, this format allows us offer more courses to more teachers than we would normally be able to for a typical professional development workshop. Deep Dive courses will include, a condensed version of our WeTeach_CS Certification Prep course, Bootstrap, Exploring Computer Science (ECS), and Project GUTS. Today, let’s take a closer look at Project GUTS.

About Project GUTS

Sign up for Project GUTS if you’re a science teacher wanting to integrate CS thinking into your classroom or a CS teacher looking for a new way to reach students beyond the CS classroom.

Project GUTS - Growing Up Thinking ScientificallyProject GUTS — Growing Up Thinking Scientifically — is an integrated science and computer science program for middle school students serving schools and districts nationally. Growing up thinking scientifically means learning to look at the world and to ask questions, developing and using computer models to help answer questions through scientific inquiry, and using critical thinking to assess which ideas are reasonable and which are not.  To grow up thinking scientifically means knowing science to be a computing-rich, dynamic, creative endeavor, a way of thinking, rather than a body of facts. Click for more information about Project GUTS

Downloadable Agenda (PDF)


About WeTeach_CS Deep Dives

WeTeach_CS Deep Dives is a one and a half day short course event which will immediately follow the WeTeach_CS Summit. The event is made up of four distinct professional development courses (strands) going on simultaneously. Participants will choose which strand they wish to attend during online registration. And while we encourage anyone attending the WeTeach_CS Summit to stay and take part in one of the Deep Dives strands, it’s not necessary to be registered for the Summit in order to register for a Deep Dives course.


  • When – June 8-9, 2017
  • Where – UT-Austin Pickle Research Campus, Commons Learning Center
  • Cost – $120 per participant
  • Registration Deadline – June 1, 2017
  • Accommodations and Transportation Reimbursement – Participants may be eligible for accommodations and travel reimbursements from the Center for STEM Education at UT Austin. See event page for details.
  • WeTeach_CS Summit registration does not guarantee a spot in a Deep Dives session, so be sure to register for both!
  • You do not have to attend the WeTeach_CS Summit in order to attend the WeTeach_CS Deep Dives. These are separate events.

More information / Registration

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