Educators who are CS certified or on their way to becoming certified are considered technology “early adopters.” These professionals cleave to the cutting edge and lead trends. Being out front can be gratifying but it also can be a bit lonely without colleagues to collaborate with when problems arise. All that is about to change thanks to two new initiatives launching in June brought to you by the WeTeach_CS team partnering with TRC, TEA and the UT Center for STEM Education. In an effort to increase the amount of CS certified teachers, these initiatives will help CS certification to become more accessible and prevalent.

First, is the launch of the inaugural WeTeach_CS Summit offered June 7-9 at UT Austin’s Pickle campus. CS teachers statewide will come together for sharing ideas, networking, learning from expert speakers, seeing a student expo and finding more resources to use in their K-12 classrooms. Sponsored by TRC, TEA and the UT Center for STEM Education, the Summit provides18 hours of Professional Education hours (CPE credits) for those who attend the entire event. As a bonus, lodging and transportation costs will be reimbursed for those who live more than 60 miles from the Summit.

Secondly, as previously announced, registration for the free online version of the WeTeach_CS certification Prep Course kicked off last week with the first course beginning June 14. As a matter of fact, registration has been popular with more than 500 educators signed up for the Prep Course so far! There is a $1,000 stipend incentive for those teachers who are eligible, pass the Prep Course, pass the CS exam (141 TExES Texas Education Agency’s 8-12 Computer Science Certification Test) and apply for the stipend on a first come, first served basis while funds last. The tremendous success of the kick off means that the number of CS certified teachers in Texas potentially could double within the year. More certified CS educators equals more courses offered in Texas classrooms resulting in amplified growth of CS knowledge for Texas students. This accomplishment solidifies Texas’ leadership as a model for the rest of the nation.

These programs will be even more successful if you help us spread the word about all the resources WeTeach_CS offers to CS educators. Please refer a colleague to WeTeach_CS.

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