June 8 – 9, 2017

Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday 8:00AM – Noon


UT-Austin Pickle Research Campus, Commons Learning Center10100 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78758



What do you do when a breakout session just isn’t enough, but you don’t have time for a full-on workshop?

You take a deep dive, of course!

WeTeach_CS Deep Dives is a special 1.5 day workshop event which picks up right where the WeTeach_CS Summit (June 5-7) leaves off. So, if the three days of the 2017 WeTeach_CS Summit just doesn’t sound like enough CS professional development goodness for your tastes, then consider sticking around and taking part in WeTeach_CS Deep Dives! But you don’t have to attend the WeTeach_CS Summit in order to attend a Deep Dives course. Maybe you only have time to take a quick dip into one of the subjects below. No problem–that’s what Deep Dives are for!

This year, WeTeach_CS Deep Dives will feature four popular CS PD course teachers have been asking for more of. They will include Bootstrap, Exploring Computer Science (ECS), Project GUTS, and a condensed version of our WeTeach_CS Certification Prep. Each course will run all day (8:00am – 4:00pm) on Thursday and a half-day (8:00am – noon) on Friday.

When you register, you will be asked to choose from one of the four strands listed below.


Bootstrap ProgrammingTeach Your Students to Program, Mathematically Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key math concepts. Middle- and high-school teachers around the country have implemented the curriculum as a one-month module, a weekly activity or an after school program. In Bootstrap, Your Students will Practice and Apply Solving word problems Coordinate planes and Graphing Functions and Variables Function Composition Inequalities in the Plane The Pythagorean Theorem In this Workshop, You Will Participate in a real classroom demonstration of the curriculum Build your own video game, using the math you already know Learn how TEKS Math Standards can be met through a STEM-focused programming curriculum Explore cutting-edge research on algebra education. Click for more information about Bootstrap

Downloadable Agenda (PDF)


Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

ECS - Exploring Computer ScienceThe Exploring Computer Science professional development program is based on three major pillars: computer science content/concepts, inquiry, and equity. These pillars are woven throughout all of the support provided to our teacher community. Computer science instruction is modeled through role playing, jig sawing activities, pair and small-group collaboration, structured tinkering, multiple solutions, utilizing manipulatives, and simulations. We firmly believe that ECS teachers and students are part of a community where all learners have a voice and can make valuable contributions to the learning of the whole group. Click for more information about Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

Downloadable Agenda (PDF)


Project GUTS

Project GUTS - Growing Up Thinking ScientificallyProject GUTS — Growing Up Thinking Scientifically — is an integrated science and computer science program for middle school students serving schools and districts nationally. Growing up thinking scientifically means learning to look at the world and to ask questions, developing and using computer models to help answer questions through scientific inquiry, and using critical thinking to assess which ideas are reasonable and which are not.  To grow up thinking scientifically means knowing science to be a computing-rich, dynamic, creative endeavor, a way of thinking, rather than a body of facts. Click for more information about Project GUTS

Downloadable Agenda (PDF)


WeTeach_CS Certification Prep

WeTeach_CS Certification PrepThe WeTeach_CS Certification Prep course provides an overview of the educator competencies required of all teachers to become certified in Grades 8-12 Computer Science. This certification is necessary to teach courses such as Computer Science I, II or III, Fundamentals of Computer Science, or AP Computer Science A. Course instructors will address several competencies in depth and link attendees to additional resources that will help to prepare them to challenge the CS certification test. Click for more information about WeTeach_CS Certification Prep 

Downloadable Agenda (PDF)


Event Details

Note: You DO NOT have to be registered for the WeTeach_CS Summit in order to register for WeTeach_CS Deep Dives.

  • Type – Face-to-Face
  • Dates and Times – Thursday, June 8th, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM / Friday, June 9th, 8:00AM – Noon.
  • Registration Deadline –  June 1, 2017
  • Location – UT-Austin Pickle Research Campus, Commons Learning Center, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78758   (Campus Map / Get Directions)
  • Eligible Attendees – Texas educators and administrators interested in computer science education in grades K-12.
  • Cost – $60 per day, $120 total
  • Certificates of Participation – Certificates stating 12 hours of Continuing Professional Education hours (CPE credits) earned will be sent electronically after the participant has completed the online course evaluation. Any questions about certificates should be directed toward the contact person listed on this page.

Accommodations and Transportation

All participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging arrangements and payments. These costs will be reimbursed by the Center for STEM Education at The University of Texas at Austin to non-WeTeach_CS Collaborative participants who attend the entire event. Lodging costs will be reimbursed at the state rate for those who live more than 60 miles from the event. Mileage will be reimbursed*, also at the state rate, as calculated by MapQuest using the shortest route option. Reimbursement forms will be provided electronically after the event.

*If you owe money to any State of Texas organization or entity, whatever amount you were to receive may be credited toward your debt. 

A copy of the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exempt form is provided and should be printed and turned in to your hotel upon arrival. State hotel tax will not be reimbursed.

Hotels near Pickle Research Campus (PDF)

Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF)


Parking passes and information will be provided prior to the event.

Application / Registration


  • $60.00 per participant.
  • $120.00 total per participant for this 1.5-day workshop.

Registration Notes

  •   Registration fees cover breakfast, lunch and training materials.
  •   Payments are due before this event.
  •   Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or those not in attendance.
  •   Event limited to 140 participants.

Payment Instructions

  • Participants can pay by credit card or check.
  • The registration confirmation email will contain all the necessary information you need to provide to your business offices regarding credit card payment records and check processing instructions.
  • Checks for registration need to be made out to The University of Texas at Austin. Please mail checks to the attention of Jeff Early, along with the printed registration confirmation email, to the following address:
    • Center for STEM Education
      1912 Speedway, D5500
      SZB 340
      Austin, TX 78712
      Attn: Jeff Early
  • Payment Questions? Please email Jeff Early with any payment questions you may have.

Online Registration Instructions

  • Click the registration button below to register your attendance.
  • You must complete all required fields.
  • You will be asked for your contact information, what subjects you are currently teaching.
  • If you have multiple people attending, please fill out this form for each person. You may need to quit and restart your browser to enter multiple people.
  • If you need technical help with the registration page, send an email to weteachcs@austin.utexas.edu.
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Carolina Cardenasccardenas@austin.utexas.edu

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