Embedded Systems – Shape The World – UTAustinX
Build your own robots and arcade-style video games. Learn how electronic gadgets are designed, developed, and built in this hands-on course from UT Austin. Explore the fundamentals of circuit design and micro-controller programming, and discover how themodern, electronic world works.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of embedded systems using modular design and abstraction
  • C programming: considering both function and style
  • How to build and test circuits with switches, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, and liquid crystal displays
  • Synchronizaztion of hardware and software input/output with switches, lights, sound, sensors. motors, and liquid crystal displays
  • How to solve problems using a finite state machine
  • Implementation of an I/O driver and multi-threaded programming using interrupts
  • Debugging using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and software instrumentation
  • How to read a data sheet
  • How to construct a smart object and create a system as part of the Internet of Things006af2df-4da6-4465-8cfc-cd0d4a3f906d

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