Google released its new platform for kids’ tangible programming called Project Blocks. It’s a much simplified version of a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, appropriate for K-5 kids. Kids can program the system to control robots or household devices. The platform consists of these parts:

  • Brain Board (larger square with the green button) – The Brain Board includes a power source, connections to outside devices and a Raspberry Pi Zero processor.
  • Base Boards (smaller white blocks) – The Base Boards shuttle data from the Pucks to the Brain Board.
  • Pucks (orange controllers that sit on top of Base Boards) – The Pucks include a control, like a direction arrow, on-off switch, timer or loop.

Project Blocks isn’t intended to be sold directly to users. Third parties will build curricula and projects for schools, based on the Project Blocks platform. Keep an eye out for Project Blocks in your school! For more information, read about Project Blocks on Tech Crunch, Wired, Popular Mechanics and With Google.

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