Because of the Center for STEM Education’s history of partnership with IBM to improve STEM and Computer Science education, through its TRC and WeTeach_CS projects, we’re of course thrilled–but not surprised–to see that they’re now turning their most advanced technology to the cause of helping teachers. Watson is an example of what Computer Science can make possible and the Teacher Advisor program shows how CS can benefit everyone.

Currently aimed only at 3rd grade Mathematics, we’re curious and eager to see where this program leads.


IBM logoThe IBM International Foundation, along with our partners, and fueled by our belief that every student deserves a great teacher, aspire to help teachers strengthen their instruction by providing them with free cognitive tools that will enable them to better meet the needs of individual students in their classrooms. To this end, we have developed a cognitive coach for teachers called Teacher Advisor with Watson. This is a free tool, initially planned to support 3rd grade math teachers across English-speaking geographies. The tool will add elementary math grade levels over the course of 2017,and plans are in the works to add translation to make this a free tool for teachers around the world.

If you are a 3rd Grade Math Teacher, register today to access your trusted resource for effective lesson planning and instruction!

If you are not a 3rd Grade Math teacher, please pass this invitation along. We are very limited on login accounts at this time.

Download the Teacher Advisor with Watson handout. (PDF)

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