Many people think computational thinking is just for computer science, however, we have found it must be integrated into all subjects as it is one of the top requested skills from employers.  It is a thinking process that can be implemented from K-12 and mirrors many of the things we are already doing within content. During this session, participants will discover what computational thinking is, how to integrate it and the value of adding it to their daily instruction to improve student engagement. Computational thinking is not just for the GT, but all sub-pops will benefit. This is a TOT session for project directors and ITMS, as participants will receive all materials to turn it around after the training.


  • When – Monday, February 12, 2018 – Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • Where – Austin, TX (Location TBA)
  • Cost – $200
  • CPE Credit – 11 hours
  • Accommodations and Travel Reimbursement – Attendees may be eligible for reimbursement of travel and accommodations expenses. See registration page for details.

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