Too often the thing standing between a teacher having a great idea and bringing that idea to life in the classroom is funding. Sometimes all that’s needed is just a little seed money to for materials or equipment to get a project off the ground. WeTeach_CS understands this, which is why we instituted the Mini-Grant award program with our first WeTeach_CS Summit in 2016 and expanding the program in 2017. Of course there are lots of grant and mini-grant type programs out there that teachers can apply to, but learning about them and tracking their various deadlines can be difficult. The folks at seem to understand this too, as they have created K-12 Grants Central. This online resource includes an updated calendar of upcoming grant deadlines, as well as a list of ongoing grants and related resources.

From Tech & Learning’s site:

K-12 Grants Central is an educator’s resource to simplify the grant application process and improve the success of obtaining grants for their districts. The content includes a monthly update on tips for creating and submitting grant applications, links to educational grant offerings and useful online grant creation tools. An interactive calendar includes upcoming grant deadlines, and site goers can download it to their individual Outlook or Gmail calendars.

Visit K-12 Grand Central


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