Updated April 28, 2017Registration Deadline Extended to Wednesday, May 3rd!

WeTeach_CS will be holding a special Java Review Day at UT Dallas on Saturday, May 6th. Java instructor John Owen will be on hand all day to answer questions about the Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals and Java Programming courses, teaching Java, and other questions related to Java and CS education. Get your Java on before registration closes on May 3rd!

Teachers, you should consider attending if you:

  1. Just completed the Java Fundamentals course and need a quick review before starting Java Programming on May 22nd.
  2. Have taken any previous session of Keep Calm & Java On (Java Fundamentals or Java Programming) and still have some questions you need help with.
  3. Are a teacher with any previous Java experience or training (doesn’t matter where you received your training) who is looking to refresh your Java knowledge.

Topics to include

  • Review of Object Oriented programming concepts
  • Further training in use of IDEs, including JCreator, Eclipse, Jeliot, JGrasp
  • Review fundamentals of Java, including data types, operators, control structures (if, if else, loops, recursion), data structures (1D and 2D arrays, ArrayLists), and basic algorithms
  • Explore the Codingbat.com website, further developing skills in method definitions and logic strategies
  • Further explore working with data files to test programs
  • Further develop OOP concepts to include inheritance and polymorphism techniques
  • Provide hands-on practice with easy, medium, and challenging labs to help you and your students grow and refine program development skills


  • When – Saturday, May 6, 2017, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Where – UT Dallas (Richardson, TX)
  • Cost – $60
  • Accommodations and Transportation Reimbursement – Participants may be eligible for accommodations and travel reimbursements from the Center for STEM Education at UT Austin. See event page for details.
  • Registration Deadline – May 3, 2017

More information / Registration

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