If you’re looking for a way to increase access to AP CS Principles courses (PEIMS# A3580300) in your school or district, then we have some good news for you! In late 2016, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) approved changes to TAC 231.257 to allow teachers with a Technology Applications certification OR a Computer Science 8-12 certification to teach AP CS Principles (AP CSP). That means if your school or district already has a teacher with a Technology Applications certification, then you already have someone to teach AP CSP–even if you don’t have a CS certified teacher available. (We can help with that too.)


While not every student may want a career in a Computer Science related field. Every student can benefit from the skills learned through CS Principles. Here’s what the experts at The College Board have to say.

Almost every field today – from the arts and media to lab sciences – requires an understanding of computing. Students will be better prepared for the rigors of college and learn important skills that can be applied across a wide range of careers and disciplines. (Continue reading)

How WeTeach_CS can help

The action by the SBOE to allow Technology Applications teachers into the AP CSP classroom means that there are a lot of new and potential AP CSP teachers out there. Increasing the knowledge and comfort level with the curriculum of these teacher is very important to the success of their students. Not to mention all the teachers who are not yet teaching AP CSP, but could be with some timely professional development. That’s why WeTeach_CS has expanded it’s CSP Mini-Conference (Feb 20-21 in Austin, TX) to include a track just for teachers who are new to AP CSP. And not to worry, experienced teachers will also have their own track tailored to the needs of a veteran AP CSP teacher.

About the WeTeach_CS CSP Mini-Conference

The WeTeach_CS Computer Science Principles Mini-Conference will be held in Austin, TX on February 20-21 and will offer a variety of resources for teachers of AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP). Sessions will include panel discussions and hands-on workshop-style presentations.


  • When – February 20-21, 2017
  • Where – UT-Austin Pickle Research Campus, Commons Learning Center
  • Cost – $120 per participant
  • Registration Deadline – February 14, 2017
  • Accommodations and Travel Reimbursement – Attendees may be eligible for reimbursement of travel and accommodations expenses. See event page for details. (Texas residents only)
  • Agenda – Get a preview by downloading the Draft CSP Mini-Conference Agenda. A list of speakers and presentations can also be found in the article, WeTeach_CS Announces Speakers for the 2017 CSP Mini-Conference.

More information / Registration


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