Don’t work so hard to get CS certified and then miss out on your $1000 stipend!

If you are planning to take the TExES CS 8-12 certification exam (141 or 241) during the March Testing Window (3/22/17-3/25/17) and want to participate in the Certification Incentive Program (CIP), then your must have your application submitted no later than March 16th at 5pm.

March (3/22/17-3/25/17) Testing Window Deadlines

  • CIP Application due: 3/16/17, 5pm
  • TExES Test Registration deadline: 3/20/17
  • Proof of CS Certification due: 5/4/17, 5pm

See the CIP Checklist page for full details and instructions.

For those who aren’t already planning to get CS certified in 2017, we’d like to give you 1000 reasons why you should

Teachers planning to take the TExES CS 8-12 Certification Test during the February, March, May, June, or August 2017 testing windows may be eligible for for the Certification Incentive Program (CIP), which offers a $1000 stipend to accepted teachers who obtain their CS certification. For complete information about deadlines and requirements, please read and follow all steps of the CIP Checklist. Texas teachers must meet eligibility requirements and be accepted to the program prior to testing to qualify for the $1,000 stipend.

Do you need to prepare? We can help with that too!

WeTeach_CS offers 2-day Certification Prep courses taking place around the state, but you need to sign up soon to reserve your spot, many locations are starting to fill up. Find the Certification Prep workshop near you.

WeTeach_CS Certification Prep will provide an overview of the educator competencies required of all teachers to become certified in Grades 8-12 Computer Science. This certification is necessary to teach courses such as Computer Science I, II or III, Fundamentals of Computer Science, or AP Computer Science A. Course instructors will address several competencies in depth and link attendees to additional resources that will help to prepare them to take the TExES CS 8-12 Certification Test.

The cost for each WeTeach_CS Certification Prep Face-to-Face workshop is $120 per participant and participants may be eligible for accommodations and travel reimbursements from the Center for STEM Education at UT Austin. See each event page for details.

Stay tuned to our event page and the WeTeach_CS blog for additional Certification Prep workshops and other CS professional development opportunities! 

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