Below is a link to the new ​Computer Science Certification Test (​TExES 241​)​ proposed standards.  They will be available for review and comment until December 30.  The PDF document is also attached.
​Please take some time to review them.  The proposed percentages of inclusion for the test are as follows:
​Domain 1 – 12.5% – Tech Apps Core (12-13 questions)
Domains 2 and 3 – 75% – CS Core (75 questions)
Domain 4 – 12.5% – Special Advanced Topics (Discrete Math, Digital Forensics, Robotics, Game Design)(12-13 questions)
Please take the time to examine the new standards carefully, and send any comments to the email links listed here –  Becky McCoy ( or Michael Vriesenga (
Also, please forward this email to your colleagues. The more we can all review the standards, and make comments for improvement, the better chance we have for a fair, valid, and reliable certification instrument.
​The new certification test is due to be released August 2016.

Computer Science Certification Examination Framework November 2015

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