Apple is committed to making it easier than ever for students to become coders and creators. New developer tools and curriculum resources from Apple are ideal for schools that are adding coding into the curriculum or teaching app development.

Xcode developer tools provide a powerful, easy-to-use development environment that includes everything students need to create great apps. Coming this fall with Xcode 7, everyone can build, install, and run their apps on their iOS devices free. Students can install their apps on multiple devices, including an instructor’s device, making it much easier to learn—and teach—iOS programming.

Swift, the powerful programming language created by Apple, makes writing code fun and interactive. To make it easy for educators to get started teaching Swift, we worked with Professor Yong Bakos—an amazing computer science educator at Southern Methodist University—to publish a high school curriculum on iTunes U called Teaching App Development with Swift. Included are lesson plans, presentations, and Xcode projects you can use to lead students through experiential learning. This curriculum is also available on GitHub, where other educators can join the community and contribute to the curriculum.

To prepare for the fall, you can download and install Xcode 6 and the Xcode lessons and projects from the above curriculum on your student Mac computers today. And your teachers can download the presentations and start becoming familiar with the new curriculum. In the fall, you can upgrade the systems to Xcode 7 and be ready to go.

To learn more about coding for education, visit the Apple Developer website.

There’s never been a better time to teach students how to code. I’d love to come talk to you about why Mac is the best solution for coding in your high schools.


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Apple Education
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Apple Education
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