Learning to code and create software is a major part of any computer science course, but sometimes you need to get hands-on with physical devices such as robots, sensors, and other simple computing devices in order to provide students with context for their knowledge. That’s why we’re thrilled to have NICERC joining us at WeTeach_CS Deep Dives to give teachers a foundation in physical computing they can take back to their classrooms this fall.


Physical Computing

The Deep Dive into Physical Computing equips educators with the skills needed to integrate the basic principles of CS with the tangibility afforded by physical devices. Physical computing provides students with a concrete, interactive way to understand coding concepts while also creating new and innovative solutions to various challenges through the use of various inputs, sensors, and servos. Come grow with us as we explore how to breakdown a complex build into manageable pieces, master each piece of the build through circuit and code design, then join it all into a final product. Other computing platforms will be explored along with the pros/cons of each.

The Physical Computing strand is based on the NICERC curricula, which uses the python language to control a micro:bit device. After going over the basics, projects will include integrating wireless communications, sensors, and external components with the micro:bit device.

Note: Some prior programming experience needed


About WeTeach_CS Deep Dives 2018 – June 21-22

When a breakout session is not enough, but you don’t have time for a multi-day workshop—take a Deep Dive!

WeTeach_CS Deep Dives is a special 1.5-day event which picks up right where the 2018 WeTeach_CS Summit (June 18-20) leaves off. So, if the three days of the WeTeach_CS Summit just doesn’t sound like enough CS professional development goodness for your tastes, then consider sticking around and taking part in WeTeach_CS Deep Dives! But you don’t have to attend the WeTeach_CS Summit in order to attend a Deep Dives course. Maybe you only have time to take a quick dip into one of the featured subjects. No problem–that’s what Deep Dives are for. Learn more about the WeTeach_CS Deep Dives.

Registration Note: When you register for the WeTeach_CS Deep Dives, you will select the strand you wish to attend. Keep in mind that each strand has a limited number of seats, so be sure to register soon and maybe have a backup session in mind.


WeTeach_CS Deep Dives Registration Details

  • When – June 21-22, 2018 (Thursday – Friday)
  • Where – Sheraton Austin Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center, Georgetown, TX (35mi north of Austin)
  • Cost – $200 per participant
  • Registration Deadline – June 12, 2018
  • Accommodations and Travel Reimbursement – Attendees may be eligible for reimbursement of travel and accommodations expenses. See registration page for details.
  • Hotel Room Block and Group Rate – A room block is available and a group rate is available until May 17, 2018. Subject to availability. See registration page for details.



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