The Center for Applied Science & Technology (CASTTech) in San Antonio ISD is currently seeking a full time CS Teacher for the 2018-19 school year.


Primary Purpose:

To serve as a pioneer teacher at an innovative school specializing in information technology, business, and entrepreneurship, and as a site for educator training and development. CAST Tech teachers will facilitate student learning through project-based learning, blended learning, and personalized learning. Teachers must be committed to student success and to the goal of transforming education through working directly with university and industry partners to strengthen the learning environment and train the next generation of teachers.


CAST Tech Overview:

CAST Tech will be the first in a San Antonio network of career-themed high schools focused on connecting students to high-demand jobs, with CAST Tech specializing in Information Technology and Business and Entrepreneurism. CAST Tech includes student developed/incubated business concepts that are encouraged by close student relationships with industry partners, teachers, mentors, college and university faculty, and supported by work experience through project-based learning and internship placements, and college hours.


CAST Tech will provide innovative staff development both inside the school and beyond through its university and industry partnerships. Embedded professors and staff will use CAST Tech facilities and staff to train future teachers and administrators in the CAST Tech environment, which utilizes technology as a medium for personalized instruction, project-based learning, blended learning models and work-based learning. This diversity of experience will allow teachers to act more as mentors than instructors and will give students the opportunity to master content and advance at their own pace. This structured, accelerated, individualized approach will ensure that every CAST Tech graduate will have acquired the hard and soft skills that are essential to placement in one of San Antonio’s well-paying, high-demand jobs.


Teachers in this innovative environment will be required to work as part of a team, which may include using traditional conference period time to plan with their assigned team. Teachers will be required to work an eight-hour day with an additional 30 minutes of duty-free lunch. Based on our professional development lab school model and due to our innovative practices, the school will continually host educators, university faculty and students, and visitors as we seek to grow our education model beyond our walls. Teachers in this environment must be transparent about their practice. Teachers are expected to mentor future educators through the university partnership, as well as interact with university faculty members as part of the professional development community designed to strengthen student achievement and grow professional practice. Teachers may be compensated above their salary through stipends for participating in the school’s professional development activities.

For more information or to apply, visit:


  1. The position will remain open until filled
  2. Applicants will need to be certified by August or soon thereafter




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