Calling all Texas Educators!

Cyber education is a top priority for Texas. Commit to help the state lead the nation to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals and strengthen the cyber skills among Texas youth.

Join the “CyberTexas Day of Cyber” movement by signing-up, for FREE by August 23rd, to run the NSA Day of Cyber online cyber career exploration experience with your students this Fall. Be Recognized

The National Security Agency (NSA) has funded the NSA Day of Cyber to raise the awareness of students, teachers and parents regarding STEM and Cyber education paths and address the critical shortage of cyber professionals.

About the NSA Day of Cyber

The NSA Day of Cyber, powered by the LifeJourney technology, is an online, self-guided experience that enables students to test-drive cyber careers and live a day in the life of six leading NSA cyber professionals. Each student will receive a Cyber Resume and Certificate of Completion signed by the NSA.

How to Sign-Up

There is NO Cost to participate! Register HERE today.

Join Dr. Steven C. “Swede” Larson, Director for Engagement and Policy, NSA Texas, Chris Cook, Co-founder CyberTexas, George Heron NSA Day of Cyber/ LifeJourney, for the formal announcement and unveiling of number of Texas educators supporting the “CyberTexas Day of Cyber” on August 23rd at the CyberTexas Conference held in San Antonio.

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