Since it’s introduction, 498 Texas teachers have completed a WeTeach_CS online certification prep course. Many of these teachers have gone on to use the knowledge and confidence they gained from the course to pass the TExES CS 8-12 certification exam and become eligible to receive the $1000 CIP stipend. As the fall session of Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers gets underway, we are confident that this is the best opportunity for teachers to fit preparation for CS certification into their busy schedules and give themselves their best chance for success.

But don’t take our word for it

Below are a few examples of the feedback we’ve received from teachers who have completed Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers and passed the TExES CS 8-12 certification exam.

This course is an absolute lifesaver!!! I have a CS degree but have been out of the programming side for numerous years. My test will be happening in a few weeks and this course has given me the confidence I needed. It is structured very well and the videos are outstanding. If you are going to become a teacher in this field, sign up for this course and pay the fee to get access to the quizzes. You will not regret it!
— Joey Gonzaga, Waller High School, Waller ISD

Note – Joey did indeed pass the test and received his stipend.

Parts of the course were challenging, but that really helps prepare you for the test. I honestly believe this course is the reason I passed. The course is comprehensive and well organized, and the instructor makes the content accessible. Highly recommend!
— Katrina Sellers, Taylor High School, Taylor ISD

All materials and quizzes were easy to follow. I appreciated that the practice problems allowed me to learn. At times I got the correct answer but was not confident that I understood the material. The practice problems allowed me to see reasoning behind the correct answer.
— Roxie Runnels, Taft High School, Northside ISD

I am delighted and happy to inform you that I have passed the Computer Science 241 exam and finally received my certification. I feel that your Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers online course was crucial to passing the exam. I only missed 9 questions out of 80 and received the score of 274 in my first attempt.
— Muammer Aktas, Harmony Science Academy Brownsville

Thanks so much! What a feeling it is to have accomplished this! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks for all you do for teachers and the future of Texas education.
— Kelly Shutt, Sulphur Springs Middle School, Sulphur Springs ISD

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About the course

Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers is a self-paced course designed to prepare teachers to take the TExES 241 Grades 8-12 Computer Science certification exam or any Praxis based CS certification exam. Course materials provide extensive detailed instruction, examples, and practice on everything from introductory programming topics such as variables, functions, loops, and logical expressions to more advanced topics such as data structures, recursion, and object-oriented programming. While Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers is designed as a 7-week course, the fall session will run through December 15th to make sure you have plenty of time to finish the course and review before taking the CS certification exam.

Work at your own pace or work for credit

  • Basic Enrollment – Basic enrollment allows you to simply work at your own pace by giving you access to all of the course materials.
  • Upgraded Enrollment – Upgrade your enrollment ($199) to earn 40 CPE credit hours from The University of Texas at Austin, upon successfully completing the course, while giving yourself your best chance to pass the CS certification exam. Along with all course materials, upgraded enrollment includes weekly quizzes to track your progress as well as a comprehensive final, which mimics the actual 100 question CS 8-12 certification exam.

How to register

  • Visit –
  • Choose your enrollment level – You may select basic enrollment or choose to upgrade your enrollment to unlock all course features.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration!
  • Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation and the course will show up in your personal UTakeIt dashboard.

Still deciding if you should get CS certified?

Would you like 1000 reasons to help make up your mind?

Thanks to the support of the Texas Education Agency (TEA), WeTeach_CS is offering a $1,000 stipend to currently certified Texas educators who add a CS certification to their resume. This means current Texas teachers planning to take the TExES CS 8-12 Certification Test may be eligible for for the Certification Incentive Program (CIP), which offers a $1000 stipend to accepted teachers who obtain their CS certification.

For complete information about deadlines and requirements, please read and follow all steps of the CIP Checklist. Texas teachers must meet eligibility requirements and be accepted to the program prior to testing to qualify for the $1,000 stipend.

More Information on Certification and CIP

  • For more information about Computer Science certification, visit the WeTeach_CS Get Certified page.
  • For complete information about CIP requirements and deadlines, visit the CIP Checklist page.
  • Read everything and still have CS certification questions? Email us at for help.

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