We know that a lot of our CS teachers pull double-duty as math teachers, so we want to make sure everyone’s aware of the online professional development being produced by our parent organization, the UT STEM Center.`

Investing as little as 4 hours a week over 3 weeks, math and algebra teachers can learn to use the power of classroom discussion to teach the big ideas behind linear functions. Enroll Today!

About Focus on Algebra: Introducing Linear Functions

This self-paced, online course from the UT STEM Center demonstrates how discussion can be used to help students understand the big ideas behind linear functions through honest inquiry and constructive feedback. This course uses a virtual classroom to experience student-centered problem-solving instruction with an expert teacher and actual students. Earn CPE credit in this self-paced course while expanding your ability to inspire students to grow in their understanding of the key concepts of algebra.


Course introduction by instructor Pam Harris

Course Details

  • Format – Self-paced
  • Time/Duration – 4 hrs/week for 3 weeks
  • Cost – $99 – You can preview the first module for free before enrolling!
  • CPE Credit – 12 hours

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About the Instructor

course instructor

Pam Harris is a former secondary mathematics teacher, who currently teaches at Texas State University. She is the lead author of Discovering Advanced Algebra and is the author of several books, including Algebra Problem Strings, Advanced Algebra Problem Strings, Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle & High School Students, Lessons & Activities for Building Powerful Numeracy, and Building Powerful Numeracy: A Facilitator’s Guide. Pam also serves as a K-12 mathematics education consultant, a T³ (Teachers Teaching with Technology) Instructor, an author and coauthor of several professional development workshops, and presents frequently at conferences. Her particular interests include numeracy, sequencing tasks, technology, assessment, and vertical connectivity in curricula in schools K-12.


Online Professional Development from the UT STEM Center

The UT STEM Center is now offering both self-paced and facilitated online professional development experiences for STEM and CS teachers who don’t have time to attend a multi-day, face-2-face workshop. Learn more


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