Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supporting educators

What is the Allen Distinguished Educators program?

We’re launching the ADE program to put a spotlight on K-12 teachers who have created innovative programs in computer science, engineering, and/or entrepreneurship. This program is inspired and funded by philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen. We’re doing this to drive home the message to parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers that there is tremendous value in this type of teaching. We believe strongly that there are a wide range of students who would flourish if they had the opportunity to learn from teachers like these in settings like theirs. In fact, the $25,000 award is just the beginning for this program. We really want to spread the word of their innovations by distributing a range of education materials for a wide variety of audiences.

  • There are ADE microdocumentaries to inspire parents, administrators, and students to think about innovative curriculum.
  • The free Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Guides are a collection of teaching materials created from the ADE Awardees and designed specifically for teachers around the country to adapt and take into their classrooms.
  • We’ll also be calling for applications for the DIY Grants, which are funds for teachers from a variety of school types, locations, and grade levels specifically to facilitate the replication of the DIY Guides.
  • The ADE Roadmaps are short videos full of ADE guidance and advice for teachers who are looking to take their innovative projects and create a program 

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