At the April 2016 meeting, the Texas State Board of Education officially added the new AP Computer Science Principles course to the TEKS (TAC Chapter 126, Subchapter D, §126.65) with an effective date of August 22, 2016. Now every high school in Texas has the opportunity to offer this broad-based computer science course next school year. The new PEIMS number will be available mid-summer. Thanks to TCEA, TACSE, and the UT Center for STEM Education WeTeach_CS project for advocating for this addition.

This survey course is designed to expand participation to all students and act as a precursor to the existing AP Computer Science A Java programming course. However, AP CSP is not a prerequisite for AP CSA, and AP CSP has not been added to the STEM endorsement yet.

There are currently five great curricula endorsed by the College Board for AP CSP with more under development:

Professional development for AP CSP (as well as other CS courses) is being supported by the UT Austin Center for STEM Education with funding from TEA. Any Texas teacher attending an AP Summer Institute can have both travel and lodging reimbursed after attendance. Details can be found at .

In addition, many of the above resources will be part of the WeTeach_CS Summit held at UT Austin’s Pickle Research Center on June 7-9, 2016. Transportation and lodging for any Texas educator are also covered by a grant from TEA. Details and registration can be found at

The SBOE also removed the expiration date that prevented Computer Science from satisfying the Languages other than English (LOTE) graduation requirement after September 1, 2016. Now all students graduating on the current Foundation Program can take two credits from Computer Science I, II or III to fulfill their LOTE requirement. So students have a choice of taking computer science or a traditional world language for their LOTE credit. It was also mentioned that TAC 74.11(h) allows AP and IB courses to be substituted as appropriate for required courses.



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