Get home from the WeTeach_CS Summit–inspired and energized for CS–and wonder how you can help increase computer science education in your school, district, or community?

It’s simple! Get yourself, school, or district involved with the CS for All Consortium. The CS for All Consortium is a hub for the national Computer Science for All movement that works to enable all students in grades K-12 to achieve CS literacy as an integral part of their educational experience.

Benefits of Membership

Consortium members will benefit primarily through the increased visibility of their work to states, districts, schools, and other implementing partners, as well as funders and policy makers. Additionally, the Consortium sees its role as an initiator of community, and members may be invited to participate or share events where they are the target community/audience. As the Consortium evolves and grows under the guidance of the Steering Committee, there may be other benefits.

How to get involved

To become a member of the CSforAll Consortium, first review the Membership Guidelines. If you meet the membership criteria, complete this form.

More information

Complete info about CS for All membership.


Contact: Jumee Song, Senior Program Manager –



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