Silicon Labs will host a FREE computer science fundamentals workshop.  FREE CPEs for educator re-certification will be provided.  Teachers will also receive the printed curriculum, swag, and the supplies they need to teach the course-at no cost.  Twenty (20) confirmed participants are needed for this workshop to be provided.  Please recruit your colleagues to register. has developed an elementary and middle school curriculum that allows even the youngest students to explore the limitless world of computing – at no cost for teachers and schools. The courses blend online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with “unplugged” activities that require no computer at all. Each course consists of about 20 lessons that may be implemented as one unit or over the course of a semester. Even kindergarten-aged pre-readers can participate in learning computer science topics.

Here’s a link to the K-8 Overview Video:

By the end of each course, students can create interactive games or stories that they can share with anyone.  To register for the Saturday workshop:

05/07/16, 09:00 am – 04:00 pm


We will have a door prize drawing for a hat when we have 20 or more participants.  Bring a colleague!  If your school hosts a FREE Code.orgcomputer science workshop, you will receive the programming board game “Code Monkey Island”. 

Tell Kindergarten through 8th grade teachers, tech specialists, librarians, and principals to REQUEST FREE 1-day workshops to be provided at school during the school day, Saturdays, afterschool, and in the summer by contacting Changing Expectations so they can start teaching these life-changing skills! Dr. Phillip Eaglin: email or call me: (512) 496-6824 for more info.

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