Can you help recruit 10-15 students to register for a before or afterschool coding class @ school?

Teachers can earn $36 per hour for facilitating 12 one-hour coding classes for students!

For teachers who attend a FREE workshop, Changing Expectations will provide follow-up support, loan DASH robotics equipment in the Austin area, and pay a stipend to facilitate a before or afterschool coding class that allows even the youngest students to explore the limitless world of computing. By the end of each course, students can create interactive games or stories that they can share with anyone. Computer science is a foundation for every student. That’s why we’re partnering to introduce students to these critical 21st century skills.

Please contact Dr. Phillip G. Eaglin ( facilitator, Changing Expectations) to make plans to start teaching the coding classes at your school and to coordinate communication to parents. Starting in the Fall 2016, the cost for the 12-week afterschool coding class will be $150 per student. After your school’s link is set-up, parents may register students and pay the fee at

Contact: Dr. Phillip G. Eaglin, Changing Expectations, (512) 496-6824,


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