Have you ever seen a robot do a headstand? How about push ups? Find out as Science Mill staff challenge their new humanoid robot and see what it can and can’t do!

It’s robot mania at the Hill Country Science Mill, with robotics activities and demos Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of Spring Break (March 14-16, 11am-3pm each day)! Watch live humanoid robot demos at 11am each day and participate in plenty of hands-on robot building, programming, coding and battling throughout the rest of the day.

Activities Include

  • Conquer obstacle courses with a robotic car
  • Tactically guide a SWAT-like robot on a rescue mission into a replica city building
  • Program a robot to paint an artistic watercolor masterpiece
  • Battle it out in the ring with flipper bots
  • Stop by the Ozobot table for fun coding and programming challenges



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