TEA recently announced via its Technology Applications Update email that the State Board of Education (SBOE) will take up an amendment pertaining to a new AP Computer Science Principles course.

Proposed Amendment

Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 126, Technology Applications, Subchapter D, Other Technology Applications Courses

From TEA

In January 2015, the State Board of Education approved for first reading and filing authorization Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 126, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Technology Applications, Subchapter D, Other Technology Applications Courses, §126.65, Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles (One Credit), Adopted 2016. The proposed rule action would add a new AP computer science course as an option for a student to use to earn credit toward high school graduation requirements.

The official public comment period is now open. Comments will be taken until April 6, 2016. Anyone interested in commenting on the proposed amendment should visit the Proposed State Board of Education Rules page on the TEA website.

For more information and discussion on the AP CS Principles amendment, check out SBOE to Consider Two Computer Science Issues in April by Jennifer Bergland over on TCEA’s blog.

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