If you are (or know of) an exceptional student leader, we’d like to invite you to become a STEMed Labs Ambassador (SLA)! Help us make a difference in your community and the future of STEM education.

What are STEMed Labs Ambassadors?

SLA’s are a group of student leaders that are passionate about pursuing and sharing knowledge with their peers and are dedicated to the cause of expanding STEM education for all. The purpose is for students to work together across schools and as leaders, make a lasting difference in the lives of those they are helping.

What do SLA’s do?

SLA’s will form teams of 3 in an orientation session and pick an “impact” track that they will work on for the rest of the year. The teams may choose one of the following tracks:

  • Teach other students (after-school or summer camp)
  • Start a club at your school (STEM topic of your choosing)
  • Help teachers to implement STEM programs or classes
  • Other – You are more than welcome to craft your own (pre-approved) path

What are the requirements?

This program is a hands-on, real-life entrepreneurial experience similar to a startup environment. It is important to note that this will take a significant amount of time.During the course of the year you should expect to put in approximately 50 hours of work. The time commitment may sound daunting, but let’s face it: accomplishing great things in life requires significant effort! Also, don’t forget, we will be here to support and encourage your efforts every step of the way!

Hear from the experiences of one of our past SLA’s, Noelle:

Noelle is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Westwood High School. As one of our SLA’s, she put together a summer camp at Del Valley High School. As part of her project, she brought together a group of ambassadors from Westwood High School, created a curriculum for Scratch  and taught Scratch to other high school students.

“I learned that failure is OK and how to work through obstacles as a team. Communication skills that I learned as an ambassador were really cool. You get out what you put in. Be willing to give it your all, or your reward is not going to be as great.

“Having an organization like STEMed Labs backing me up was great. It was great having that support group.” – Noelle, 2015 SLA

Click here to apply as a STEMed Labs Ambassador!
(Or click here for more information on our program.)

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