CS Certification Stipend (CIP)

CS Certification Stipend (CIP)

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The Certification Incentive Program (CIP) provides a $1000 stipend to current Texas teachers who pass the CS 8-12 Certification Test and obtain CS certification from TEA. The stipend can help motivate you in your studies and it will be a nice reward for your hard work! This program is currently funded through the February 2017 testing window.It is important to apply for CIP before taking the CS 8-12 Test, to verify your eligibility. (Note that the CIP application and stipend are not required to register for the CS 8-12 Test or obtain the certification.) You are personally eligible for the CIP stipend if:

  • You are pursuing a TEA certification in Computer Science 8-12.
  • You are not already certified in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.
  • You are currently certified to teach in Texas or enrolled in an approved teacher certification program in Texas.

If you will apply for CIP, follow these instructions:

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If you pass the test, we would love to hear about it! You can email us at weteachcs@austin.utexas.edu. Also email us if you didn’t pass, especially if you have ideas for how the certification prep courses could improve.


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