WeTeach_CS is offering three opportunities around Texas this spring and summer for teachers to experience a Bootstrap workshop and to learn how to use Algebra to teach programming and programming to teach Algebra.

Workshop Schedule

May 16-18 – Austin – More information / Registration

June 12-14 – Houston – More information / Registration

August 9-11 – Edinburg – More information / Registration

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap can be embedded into an intro CS or mainstream algebra class, taught by a teacher with no CS background. By integrating algebra with computing, Bootstrap fosters student growth in both subjects while helping schools meet logistical and staffing challenges. Using Bootstrap as part of a standard algebra class ensures equitable access: since every student takes algebra, Bootstrap reaches all students – not just those who self-select by race, gender, or income. 43% of Bootstrap students are young women, and 46% identify as African-American or Latino

Teach Your Students to Program, Mathematically

Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key math concepts. Middle- and high-school teachers around the country have implemented the curriculum as a one-month module, a weekly activity or an after school program.

In Bootstrap, Your Students Will Practice and Apply

  • Solving word problems
  • Coordinate planes and Graphing
  • Functions and Variables
  • Function Composition
  • Inequalities in the Plane
  • The Pythagorean Theorem

In this Workshop, You Will

  • Participate in a real classroom demonstration of the curriculum
  • Build your own video game, using the math you already know
  • Learn how TEKS Math Standards can be met through a STEM-focused programming curriculum
  • Explore cutting-edge research on algebra education


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