This is a guest post by CS4TX Founder, Hal Speed.

Hal Speed: CS4TX, Code.orgFor many years, educators and administrators across Texas have longed for the day that students could learn computer science without having to worry about the funding differences between Technology Application (Tech App) and Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Well, that day may be on the horizon. On Tuesday, March 7th, representatives on the Public Education Committee will consider two bills to provide weighted funding for high school Tech App courses. HB 395 provides weighted funding for Tech App courses by moving them into CTE, and HB 587 provides weighted funding similar to CTE for Tech App courses.

More information about both bills can be found on the CS4TX website and in the article, High-tech firms, educators push bills to fund computer science classes, which appeared in the Austin American-Statesman on Sunday (March 5th) and features input from Carol Fletcher, Deputy Director of Center for STEM Education at UT Austin.

Hal Speed
Founder, CS4TX

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