With summer just around the corner, make sure you’re connected with WeTeach_CS when you leave the classroom. We have a full calendar of events planned for this summer and you’re not going to want to miss on these CS professional development opportunities. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and events, be sure to subscribe to the WeTeach_CS blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Stay up-to-date on these WeTeach_CS events

June 11-12 WeTeach_CS Certification Prep – Edinburg More information
June 11-13 Bootstrap – Video Game Programming with Algebra – San Antonio More information
June 11-15 WeTeach_CyberSecurity GenCyber Summer Camp – Austin More information
June 14 Bootstrap – Follow Up Workshop – San Antonio More information
June 11-14 Logo Summer Institute – Austin More information
June 18-20 WeTeach_CS Summit – Georgetown More information
June 21-22 WeTeach_CS Deep Dives – Georgetown More information
July 11-12 How WeTeach_CS for High School – San Antonio More information
July 11-13 Bootstrap – Video Game Programming with Algebra – Beaumont More information
July 11-13 Launch CS – UT Dallas (Richardson) More information
July 23-27 3D Printer Training – Victoria More information TBA
July 23-27 WeTeach_CS WeTeach_Java – Austin More information
July 26-27 WeTeach_CS Certification Prep – San Antonio More information
July 31 – August 1 WeTeach_CS Certification Prep – UT Dallas (Richardson) More information
August 6-8 Tapestry Institute – Austin More information TBA




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