CS4TX and CSNYC are working to get more certified Computer Science (CS) teachers in public schools and they need your vote for their session at SXSWedu 2017!

Y’all have probably heard of CSforAll‘s call to train 10,000 new K-12 CS teachers. You might have also heard of CS4TX and CSNYC taking on the challenge for Texas and New York schools, respectively. The work won’t be easy. In Texas, for example, only 70 teachers earned their CS certification in 2014-2015. At this rate, based on state population ratios, Texas won’t certify its share of teachers until 2025-2026. And by 2020, Code.org predicts that 1 million tech jobs will go unfilled, because there aren’t enough tech graduates to fill them.

Please vote for this important session!

CS4TX and CSNYC have proposed the session: “CSForAll: Getting to 10K Computer Science Teachers” to debate the merits of in-service and pre-service approaches to preparing more CS teachers. Dr. Carol Fletcher, author of “Building the Texas Computer Science Pipeline: Strategic Recommendations for Success” argues for public/private partnerships to prepare in-service educators to teach CS courses. Dr. Leigh Ann DeLyser, author of “Building a Computer Science Teacher Pipeline for New York City”, calls for the development of a self-sustaining pipeline of CS teachers through pre-service pathways.

The session won’t happen unless the proposal gets enough votes in SXSWedu’s Panel Picker. Exercise your right to vote this election season and vote for Fletcher + DeLyser!


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