What CS topic would you like to dive into?

Mobile apps? Data Science? Games? CyberSecurity? K-5? It’s up to you!

As we plan this year’s WeTeach_CS Deep Dives, we’re asking for your feedback on the most relevant topics to educators considering attending a 1.5 day Deep Dive training on June 21-22, 2018 in Georgetown, TX. Please submit your responses no later than Friday, February 9th.

The poll will ask you for your first and second choice of strand topics.

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About WeTeach_CS Deep Dives

WeTeach_CS Deep Dives is a special 1.5-day workshop event which picks up right where the WeTeach_CS Summit leaves off. So, if the three days of the 2018 WeTeach_CS Summit just doesn’t sound like enough CS professional development goodness for your tastes, then consider sticking around and taking part in WeTeach_CS Deep Dives! But you don’t have to attend the WeTeach_CS Summit in order to attend a Deep Dives course. Maybe you only have time to take a quick dip into one of the featured subjects. No problem–that’s what Deep Dives are for!

This year’s WeTeach_CS Deep Dives will offer 6 strands to choose from!

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