2016 saw the successful launch of the first WeTeach_CS Summit, hosted by UT Austin’s Center for STEM Education. A cornerstone of the newly launched WeTeach_CS program, the summit brought together almost 300 teachers, administrators, and practitioners to talk, learn, and share experiences about growing CS education opportunities in Texas.

We’re doing it again next year June 5-7, 2017 at UT Austin’s Pickle Research Campus, and we need your help! We need a theme. There is so much going on in the world that’s touched by CS. With artificial intelligence, robots, and cyber security are all in the news on a regular basis, the need for CS for All has never been more clear, but it’s also making choosing a theme difficult.

So what sticks out to you? What would you like to learn more about? (You’re not limited to our examples.) Send us your ideas for a 1-3 word theme/phrase. Maybe you can come up with a catchy acronym? A byline is welcome.

To enter, simply post your ideas in the comment section below or email them to weteachcs@austin.utexas.edu with “Summit Theme Contest” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is 11/20/2016. The winning submission will get a Google Cardboard and more importantly the everlasting satisfaction of knowing that you themed a conference!

Thanks for your thoughts, participation and most of all, thanks for teaching CS!

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