Happy New Year from WeTeach_CS!

2017 was a banner year for WeTeach_CS. We inaugurated our WeTeach_CS Collaboratives program, held our first Hour of Code at the Capitol, and ended the year by celebrating helping over 400 Texas teachers become CS certified. In 2018, we’re going to drive that road to 500 CS certifications and keep on going! So, who’s coming with us?

For 2018, resolve to get prepared, get certified, and get your $1000 stipend!

We’ve extended the Certification Incentive Program (CIP) program through August 2018, covering seven CS certification testing windows, and added five Certification Prep Face-2-Face workshops to the calendar—with more in the works. We’re also offering our online Certification Prep course, Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers, which is currently accepting registrations for the spring session that begins on January 9th. All this means that in 2018 we’re going to make becoming CS certification achievable for more Texas teachers.

Already CS Certified?

WeTeach_CS goes beyond Certification Prep

In 2018 we’re offering even more professional development workshops to help improve and expand the classroom skills of CS teachers, including How to Teach High School CS, which is a new course by our own John Owen, along with the WeTeach_CS CSP Mini-Conference, Bootstrap, Logo Summer Institute, and, another new course, WeTeach_CS Java. Of course, we’ll also anchor our summer offerings with the 2018 WeTeach_CS Summit and Deep Dives. And that’s not all! So keep an eye on our Event list, so you don’t miss out!

Let’s continue to build the CS Community in Texas

In 2018, everyone should make a resolution to stay in touch by subscribing to the WeTeach_CS blog, following us on Twitter (@weteachcs), and liking WeTeach_CS on Facebook. Doing this will help us keep our Texas CS education community informed, help you share with your friends and colleagues, and help all of us better connect to build a stronger community as we continue working for CSforAll!

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