WeTeach_CS is proud to announce that it has been selected as a Code.org Professional Learning Partner, and will be the designated provider of Code.org Professional Learning Programs in Austin and rural areas of Texas. WeTeach_CS will provide quality professional development to educators through local district partnerships with Code.org and act as a regional hub of the global computer science education movement.

WeTeach_CS also participated in a regional partner convening for computer science education hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on September 26, 2016. WeTeach_CS gathered at the White House with more than 40 other regional organizations from around the country dedicated to preparing computer science teachers for K-12 classrooms and promoting the adoption of high-quality computer science courses. The event was planned to coincide with the start of the academic year in the US.

Discussion topics at the event included: the current state of computer science K-12 education, the importance of establishing regional partners around the nation dedicated to building computer science communities, and why many organizations are dedicated to supporting, advocating for and funding work in this area.

Excited to be taking part in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy event, representatives of WeTeach_CS sought to make connections in the computer science community across Texas and the nation. This opportunity was greatly appreciated, because building strong ties between computer science organizations is an important step towards achieving our shared goal. This is why WeTeach_CS is honored to be recognized as a national leader in realizing the President’s vision of Computer Science for All and eager to expand our services through the Code.org partnership.


Code.org Professional Learning PartnerTo learn more about Code.org’s Professional Learning Partner program, visit: https://code.org/educate/professional-learning-partner


WeTeach_CSThe University of Texas at Austin’s Center for STEM Education WeTeach_CS project is dedicated to increasing the number of CS certified high school teachers, increasing the number of high schools offering CS courses, increasing the number and diversity of students enrolled in CS courses, and expanding access to computational thinking, coding and programming experiences for all students in K-8. To accomplish these goals, WeTeach_CS trains K-12 educators to improve access to high quality CS experiences for a broad and diverse range of students through a multifaceted program of professional development, support, and community.


RGB_formal_center_for_stem_educationThe Center for STEM Education, part of the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin, provides support for, and fosters collaboration among, researchers interested in conducting externally-funded interdisciplinary research on STEM teaching and learning, the conditions that influence it, and innovations that can maximize it. The Center for STEM Education also provides professional development for STEM teachers in Texas schools.


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