Win a 3D printer and training class from the Digital Harbor Foundation!

If you attended the inaugural WeTeach_CS Summit last month, you might have met Joy Swartz and Izzy Miller. Joy Schwartz is a technology teacher at Hardin-Jefferson High School. She and her students used a 3D printer to build a prosthetic arm for Izzy Miller. Children often don’t get traditional prosthetic limbs because they are very expensive (about $50K), the child would outgrow the limb quickly and childhood play can damage the limb. But, a prosthetic limbs cost about $50 to make and can be made easily with a 3D printer and designs available on the Internet.

The Internet is full of lessons and plans for using 3D printers in just about any classroom. Sure, many of the plans come from companies that sell 3D printers! But, imagine your students feeling a 3D model of the ocean floor in earth science. Imagine printing an historically accurate lace collar for a theater production. Imagine printing accurate sized and shaped organs for biology class.

As part of the Week of Making White House Commitment, the Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF) announced the Innovation Access Program in partnership with Printrbot, MatterHackers, and BuildTak. Through this new program, DHF will provide a FREE 3D Printer and accompanying 3D Printing for Educators Workshop (also for free) to one educator from each of the 50 states.

Applications are due Aug 31. Learn more by clicking below.

Innovation Access Program

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