Just because the WeTeach_CS Summit and Deep Dives are over doesn’t mean your opportunity to get involved with WeTeach_CS have ended. Far from it! We still have plenty of CS PD opportunities for teachers across Texas. Check out the list of available workshops below and register today!


How WeTeach_CS for HS

July 11-12 – San Antonio

How WeTeach_CS for HS is a two-day workshop that starts with an overview tour of an entire first-year computer science course and then dives deeper into the WeTeah_CS for HS curriculum. Emphasis is placed on teachers experiencing the lessons, labs, and projects with expert instruction. Performing key tasks as a student helps teachers understand the computational thinking skills that must be encouraged in their students and having best practices modeled reinforces teachers’ own pedagogy. The How WeTeach_CS for HS workshop is a powerful tool for any teacher seeking to build an effective and inclusive computer science program.

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July 11-13 – Beaumont

Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key math concepts. Middle- and high-school teachers around the country have implemented the curriculum as a one-month module, a weekly activity or an after school program.

In Bootstrap, Your Students Will Practice and Apply

  • Solving word problems
  • Coordinate planes and Graphing
  • Functions and Variables
  • Function Composition
  • Inequalities in the Plane
  • The Pythagorean Theorem

In this Workshop, You Will

  • Participate in a real classroom demonstration of the curriculum
  • Build your own video game, using the math you already know
  • Learn how TEKS Math Standards can be met through a STEM-focused programming curriculum
  • Explore cutting-edge research on algebra education

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Launch CS

July 11-13 – UT Dallas (Richardson)

This Launch CS course prepares teachers to become effective and confident K-8 computer science teachers. During the training, teachers learn about computational thinking and as well as computer science content pedagogy. The purpose of this training is to cultivate a sustainable Computer Science (CS) for All implementation model that equitably provides:

  • Students high quality CS education where deep learning is prioritized over exposure
  • Teachers a high sense of self efficacy with a mastery of content knowledge
  • Administrators the tools to ensure equitable advancement of CS in their schools

The program is aligned to national standards including those created by the Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

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July 23-27 – Austin

WeTeach_Java is a week-long intensive workshop designed to give new and experienced teachers the tools they need to teach Java in high school. Based on the WeTeach_CS for HS curriculum and aligned to the CS1 TEKS, WeTeach_Java is designed to help teachers take their students beyond the basics of block and scripting languages and into the world of limitless opportunities that working in an industry standard programming language allows. Starting with the basics and adding topics as they are mastered, this course will prepare students to move beyond their first-year experience towards goals such as the College Board AP CS A exam and their post-high school education plans.

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WeTeach_CS Certification Prep Face-2-Face

Two Workshop Dates Available!

WeTeach_CS Certification Prep will provide an overview of the educator competencies required of all teachers to become certified in Grades 8-12 Computer Science. This certification is necessary to teach courses such as Computer Science I, II or III, Fundamentals of Computer Science, or AP Computer Science A. Course instructors will address several competencies in depth and link attendees to additional resources that will help to prepare them to take the TExES 241 CS 8-12 Certification Test.


Tapestry Workshop

August 6-8 – Austin

Significant disparities exist in enrollment in advanced STEM courses in the state of Texas for females, underrepresented minorities (URM), and economically disadvantaged students. This disparities are particularly acute and persistent in high school computer science courses. The Tapestry Institute will help educators to identify and address some of the root causes of these disparities with research-based professional development.

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