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Why is WeTeach_CS Important?

  • 60% of today’s STEM jobs are computing jobs.
  • Only 2% of Texas HS graduates have taken a Computer Science class.
  • Pre-service teacher preparation programs in Texas graduated only 14 CS teachers in 2014-15.

In 2015-16, WeTeach_CS trained 1,352 Texas educators and helped 177 teachers receive their CS certification. WeTeach_CS is backed by the resources of The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for STEM Education and supported by partners, including Oracle, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and 100Kin10.

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Sixty percent of all STEM jobs require or involve computing, yet only two percent of Texas High School graduates have taken a computer science course. This is due to limited offerings and a lack of qualified teachers. There are 1.4 million Texas public school students who need YOU to teach Computer Science.

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We Can Help Teachers After Certification Too!

Getting certified in CS is the first step. Improving the quality and diversity of CS courses is an ongoing effort. Find tools, curricula, professional development and other resources to help along the way!

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Being a Computer Science educator requires fast-paced and never-ending learning to keep up with changing technologies and pedagogy. We Teach CS helps connect educators with CS Professional Development opportunities to deepen skills, encourage innovation and build relationships with other educators.


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